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Aquafur Slogan "Stay Dry Play More"

- WE Specialize in COLD WATER GEAR -

Why Aquafur?

We have put hours into research and development to provide the best balance of most affordable and best quality of any drysuit on the market. We all have grown up boating and have countless river miles of experience between us. Through all of our experience, we have spent countless times in the cold with good gear but never could afford drysuits. We have changed this stereotype and here is how:

  • We believe drysuits can be the difference of a strong team and a prepared team.

  • We believe that everyone should have the ability to afford a drysuit.

  • We believe that families and friends should enjoy the water any season, anywhere.

Aquafur in the Grand Canyon



CJ in Aquafur
Brayden Demko
Brayden Demko

Brayden Demko

"...cost was a huge factor when looking for a drysuit and Aquafur finds a perfect balance of low cost while still maintaining high quality material. My Aquafur suit made me more confident on the river because I could stay warm and dry while pushing the limits of my own paddling."


Aquafur Drysuit Big Falls Repel
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