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Check out Co Founder Brayden Olson introduce our drysuit. We are excited to share with you our technology and why we stand behind our products. Click below to watch and learn more about the Aquafur Drysuit 


Aquafur Drysuit Fabric


All Aquafur products are made with our high-quality three-layer fabric emphasizing durability, waterproofness, and breathability. With a waterproof rating of 20,000 mm and a breathability rating of 7000 g/m2, you will be dry and comfortable in any condition. In addition, the material is flexible allowing for ease of movement further enhancing comfort. Rest assured you can take our products anywhere with confidence in the material performing at the highest level.  


Latex gaskets are used around the neck and wrists of the drysuit and dry tops to keep water out. High-quality durable gaskets for longer life longevity are used in all Aquafur products. Because of the gasket’s vulnerability to the sun, each is covered with a neoprene tunnel which also doubles as a splash guard.  

Aquafur Drysuit Neck Gasket
Aquafur Drysuit Wrist Drain


Mesh is used to drain the water in the space between the latex gasket and the neoprene protective cover. The mesh not only enhances the aesthetics of our products, they are also designed to maximize drain time for enhanced performance.


Each Aquafur drysuit comes equipped with Waterproof zippers for entry and for easy bathroom access. Our zippers are so efficient, they are not only watertight but airtight. Each has a T pull allowing for smooth and convenient use of the zipper.  Over each zipper is a fabric covering offering protection while also enhancing the suit's appearance. 

Aquafur Drysuit Releif Zipper
Aquafur Drysuit Skirt Tunnel

Skirt Tunnel / Waist Band

Aquafur drysuits and dry tops come equipped with a fitting waistband that doubles as a sprayskirt tunnel. An oversized four-inch neoprene waistband adjustable with velcro, effectively keeps a tight seal, snug fit, and easy access.  The band maximizes fit, mobility, and comfort while providing kayakers with an enclosed tunnel for their sprayskirts.  



Each drysuit is equipped with built-in socks to maximize functionality and comfort. Our socks are designed with minimal seams to extend the life of the sock and enhance durability. Like our suits, socks are breathable, waterproof, and durable. Special attention has been directed to the design of the sock to allow for as close to a universal sizing as possible while maintaining comfort and usability. 

Aquafur Drysuit Socks
Aquafur Drysuit Reflective Strips

Reflective Strips

Designed for extra safety, reflective strips are added to Aquafur drysuits. These strips reflect light in dark conditions in or out of the water. This safety feature allows others to find you in any condition if needed.



To maximize the lifespan of all Aquafur products, each seam is heat welded. This leads to a more durable, longer-lasting, flexible, and overall higher quality product. Before any suit leaves the production floor, each suit is pressure tested to assure water and airtight seam seals.  

Aquafur Drysuit Seam Tape
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