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Meagan, ID

I officially got time off of my job to make the Grand Canyon happen in March, and your Drysuit will be perfect for the trip!

Thomas, ID

"The drysuit came in! Fits great! Absolutely stoked to use it with the warmer weather this weekend!!"
On Sunday, May 15, 2022, I had the opportunity to raft down the West Fork of the Hood River with my daughter. We were in a guided paddle boat for 18 miles of non-stop whitewater - what a blast! It was a cool day and the water was quite chilly - When we flipped the boat in Rude Boy rapid I was in good shape. I have to confess, I’m not a great swimmer and normally a situation like this would have me freaked out and on the verge of panic. I ended up taking the longest swim of my life and was eventually picked up by the second boat.  The whole time I was in the water I was completely calm and relaxed - my body was warm and dry. The drysuit made the time I was in the boat so much more comfortable and enjoyable and the time I was out of the boat so much safer and calming. My daughter and I agreed it turned out to be one of our very favorite days on the water ever!  Thanks Aquafur!

Glenn Lindsley

Glenn Lindsley

Garrett, NC

"An entry level suit like this could be the difference between a beginner boater taking the cold months off vs paddling through the year. I hope you all keep up the good work of making year-round paddling more accessible."

Daniel, Montana

“These new suits look goregous.”
Brayden Demko
As somebody that was new to kayaking, getting an Aquafur dry suit really gave me the ability to extend my kayaking season and take my paddling to the next level. Because I am a broke college student, cost was a huge factor when looking for a drysuit and Aquafur finds a perfect balance of low cost while still maintaining high quality material. My Aquafur suit made me more confident on the river because I could stay warm and dry while pushing the limits of my own paddling. 

Brayden Demko

Hal, BC Canada

"Aquafur's customer service was number one, bar none"

Garrett, NC

I’m stoked on the great customer service! I hope to see more aquafur dry wear out in the wild helping folks get out on the water. 
I got my Medium Aquafur Dry Suit at the beginning of the 22’ season for some early cold water padding and at 6’2, it is a little snug on me but still fits really well. I am able to have full movement of my body while paddling. I really like the entrance zipper, it makes for a nice ease of entrance and a solid water tight seal. Since getting this suit, I have been impressed with the performance as I am someone who swims a fair amount, rolls a lot, and surfs a lot but bottom line, I have put the product to the test as I probably get more wet than the average paddler and I always get out of my suit bone dry.

Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe

Blaze, ID

This is the best news I’ve heard in awhile! You guys are the best! I’ll definitely be promoting Aquafur on my social media!

Jared, MN

I’m really excited to give these a test with my customers! 
Jeff Ford
What a joy to paddle the Upper South Fork of Payette River in Idaho starting at Grandjean. The early season paddle was accompanied by cold variable weather with intermittent snow squalls. My Aquafur Drysuit was tested in the chilly waters from a couple unexpected swims. The first, I dropped into a hole and my kayak skirt popped leaving me to a humble swim to the shore. Later in the day, I dropped into another hole which I swam out of and stayed cozy once again in my new Aquafur! I was thankful to be warm and totally dry in my new Aquafur drysuit.

Jeff Ford

Nathan, ID

I've already told a few folks here in Boise about you guys and Aquafur is awesome!

Ashley, WA

My husband gave me his Christmas wish list and the items he wants is a Dry Top jacket from Aquafur.
"The only time this drysuit hasn’t worked is when I forgot to zip it"

Grace Beltramo

Grace Beltramo

Janice, BC Canada

"Aquafur's willingness to listen to the customer (and respond) is a strength. We were happy to have the suits on our 24 day Grand Canyon rafting trip"
Brayden West
I've been kayaking for awhile now and nothing does the job quite like AquaFur. I have put their drysuit through the ringer and have stayed dry through it all. Whether it's running stouts down the South Fork of the Payette or playboating in the white water park, this suit goes above and beyond your typical dry suit. You can't beat the quality or the price!

Brayden West

I got my Dry Top out on the river. It was on the Kootenai River which is a pretty quick lap, but it's intense. To give myself enough freedom of movement in the arms I just made sure to lift my arms up above my head before tightening the waist velcro. That bunched it up a bit but once I had my PFD on I didn't even notice that. I rolled several times on the run and all the seals held great. I showed the top to a couple of friends and told them about Aquafur. One of them gave it a pretty thorough examination and he thought you guys did a great job on the seams.


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