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West Fork Hood River in Aquafur Drysuits

Updated: Jan 1

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, I had the opportunity to raft down the West Fork of the Hood River with my daughter.

Glenn in his Aquafur Drysuit

We were in a guided paddle boat for 18 miles of non-stop whitewater- what a blast! It was a cool day and the water was quite chilly- I know because I was front left on the raft and constantly taking face shots from all the hits.

Big lines for Glenn and Crew

I did stay warm and dry thanks to my Aquafur drysuit- and this was its first real test. When we flipped the boat in Rude Boy rapid I was in good shape. I was warm going into the rapid and I didn’t get that cold shock when I was in the water.

Flip on the West Fork Hood River

It took me a while to surface with all the bubbles in the water from the rapid and when I did I was under the boat- it took a while to clear it and get a breath. I have to confess, I’m not a great swimmer and normally a situation like this would have me freaked out and on the verge of panic. I ended up taking the longest swim of my life and was eventually picked up by the second boat. The whole time I was in the water I was completely calm and relaxed- my body was warm and dry.

Glenn in his Aquafur Drysuit

The drysuit made the time I was in the boat so much more comfortable and enjoyable and the time I was out of the boat so much safer and calming.

Aquafur keeping Glenn dry and warm

My daughter and I agreed it turned out to be one of our very favorite days on the water ever! Thanks Aquafur!

- Glenn

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