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Paddling on the Edge: A Snowscape Adventure at Redfish Lake

Nestled within the rugged beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains lies an Alpine Lake, a pristine alpine haven that transforms into a winter wonderland as temperatures drop. One winter day, Aquafur partner Chet Olson and his daughter CJ were eager to get outside and do something out of the ordinary. They decided to go above and beyond where no one else would be. They set out on a venture to stand-up paddle board across Redfish Lake. The commute over was a beautiful drive with clear skies and with hopes of having a clear winter day. Great conditions as they pulled off the road, Temperatures below freezing and perfect views of the Sawtooth peaks. The hope was to catch the lake before the surface would freeze over. 

The adventure began with a brisk hike through snow-laden trails, a couple of miles leading us to the frozen jewel of Redfish Lake. The road was covered with snow, leaving a trail where cross country skiers and snowshoers would hike in. As they got closer to the lake, with the heavy packs and paddle boards on their backs, curious onlookers regarded them with a look of disbelief and a sense of absurdity. The consensus seemed to be that we were either incredibly brave or a tad crazy, attempting to traverse the icy cold water on stand-up paddle boards. On the hike in, the clouds started to settle. The sky, once a brilliant blue canvas, began to shift as snowflakes gently descended from above. Undeterred by the changing weather, they suited up in Aquafur drysuits, ready to face the elements. The drysuits, designed for extreme cold conditions, provided them with the confidence to venture onto the icy lake and immerse themselves in this unique experience.

Pushing off from the frozen shoreline, the initial shock of the frigid water against their boards and paddles was exhilarating. The cold flakes softly hit their faces making the experience all more memorable. This was a solid reminder of the cold consequence it would be to fall in at this time of year. However, the stunning winter landscape surrounding them made every degree below freezing worthwhile. As they glided across the semi-frozen waters, Redfish Lake transformed into a silent sanctuary. The usual hum of summertime activities replaced by the serene stillness of winter, interrupted only by the rhythmic paddling of their boards. It felt as if they had the entire lake to themselves, a rare privilege in the popular summer destination.

Both wore some of the best affordable gear on the market today. Aquafur gear demonstrates an opportunity to all water enthusiasts to purchase affordable gear that will last. Aquafur focuses to provide the best option on the market and have proven the stand up products we provide to all water enthusiasts of all levels of experience. Aquafur is committed to providing warmth and protection in extreme conditions. The drysuits proved invaluable, shielding them from the icy water and biting winds, allowing them to focus on the sheer joy of navigating the frozen landscape.

As the day drew to a close, the sky erupted in a spectacular display of colors. The setting sun cast a warm palette of oranges and reds over the jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains, a breathtaking reward for their daring winter paddle. The frozen lake, once a challenging terrain, transformed into a canvas reflecting the vibrant hues of an Idaho sunset. Standing on the frozen shores of Redfish Lake, the experience of stand-up paddle boarding across its icy surface was a testament to the thrill of cold water paddling. In the embrace of the winter wilderness, with Aquafur gear as a great opportunity to provide experiences like this, they left Redfish Lake with memories of a frozen adventure that will be one for the books.

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