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Creating a Community with Aquafur

Updated: Jan 1

After graduating from high school, Aquafur co-owners Brock and Brayden were looking for a perfect location to pursue their college education. As they weighed their options, they couldn’t pass up Boise State University, the capital of the Whitewater State known for its surrounding beautiful rivers, lakes, hiking, and biking trails.

Paddling with Aquafur Drysuits
Brayden Olson Aquafur Partner

Upon arrival at BSU, Brock and Brayden were determined to make a difference in the boating community at Boise State. They helped start the school’s first Kayak Club to introduce anyone to the thrill of kayaking regardless of skill level.

Brock Olson Aquafur Partner

Over the winter, the club would meet on Sunday evenings at the Outdoor Recreation Center pool for instruction. Here, beginners and expert kayakers alike learned and improved their skills together. A community was formed.

Payette Community

As the snow melted and temperatures began to crawl out of winter, many kayakers in the club were ready to put their pool practice to the test and head to the river. What better place than the Main Payette. During the spring, countless trips were made to the Main. One key factor to many beginners evolving in the sport were Aquafur drysuits. When swims occurred during the learning process, the kayakers were safe and warm in their suits despite the frigid temps of the river. This provided a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Boys of the Payette Community

Just minutes from BSU campus, the club also made frequent trips to the Boise Whitewater park. The City of Boise has done a phenomenal job providing recreational whitewater opportunities right in town. The addition of Phase II of the park introduced some beginner friendly waves and eddylines kayakers can learn and practice on in a safe environment.

Navigating the lines on the Payette River

Today, the Aquafur kayak community continues to grow at Boise State University. Many of the winter’s beginners have practiced and progressed so much that they are now teaching others. Brock and Brayden feel lucky to be involved in the process of building a stronger paddling community on their world class backyard runs in the Whitewater State’s capital.

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