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Aquafur Mens Drysuits

Earn Credits Get Money Back

Enroll in the Aquafur Ambassador program for cold water gear! The Aquafur Team has crafted a specialized Ambassador initiative to offer you an even more budget-friendly option. We are thrilled to unveil a fresh approach to becoming part of our Aquafur Family. Join and start earning credits towards getting some money back in your Aquafur gear purchase!

By championing our mission and contributing to our expansion, you can play a key role in making cold water recreation accessible to every enthusiast. Sign in today to begin accumulating credits that not only enhance affordability but also contribute to a meaningful cause!

Follow the steps below to get started with Aquafur Ambassador!

Sign Up

Step 1

Become a member of the Aquafur Ambassador Program by making an account with us to keep track of your rewards as you earn credits towards more money off! As you start to accumulate credits, you have the option to earn money back from your recent purchase or put the money towards new gear! 

Go to the top right icon to start earning credits by signing up and earning your first 50 credits today!

Step 2

Earn Credits

50 Credits

Sign Up to the Site

(How to start this program)


$1 for 1 Credit

Purchase a Drysuit

Get 1 credit for each $1 spent



Write a Trip Report

Get outside and give the details



Leave A Review

Share what you think



Refer a Friend

Brag about us to your friends

Earn Credits



Send Pictures or Video 

from a Recent Trip

Let's see Aquafur in Action



Follow us on Social or share our content

This includes Mountain Buzz!



Contribute to Sustainability Efforts

Conserve our Sacred Places



Be a Local Ambassador for Aquafur in your area

(Other Perks Included)



Send us a River Log and Talk Shop with Us. We want to hear from you!

Aquafur Ambassador

Step 3

Redeem Rewards

Portage Credits

Class I

Accumulate Portage Credits with each purchase and earn rewards. For every 100 credits, you get a $10 discount on your next Aquafur purchase. It's a simple and direct way to save while gearing up for your next cold-water adventure.

Redeem Rewards

As you progress through the classes, starting with Class I, you can redeem 150 credits for a $15 discount on the least expensive item in your cart. This entry-level discount allows you to enjoy more value as you upgrade your gear collection.

Class II

Move up to Class II by redeeming 350 credits to unlock a $35 discount on the lowest priced item in your cart. This tier offers a substantial increase in savings, letting you invest in higher-quality gear for your water expeditions.

Class IV

Reach Class IV by redeeming 750 credits to enjoy a $75 discount on the lowest priced item in your cart. This tier offers substantial savings, making it easier for you to access top-notch equipment and enhance your overall water adventure experience.

Class VI

Attain the pinnacle of rewards with Class VI, where 1,150 credits translate into a remarkable $115 discount on the lowest priced item in your cart. This tier offers the highest level of savings, allowing you to invest in premium gear for the ultimate cold-water experience.

Class III

Progress to Class III by accumulating 550 credits, and receive a $55 discount on the least expensive item in your cart. This tier provides a significant leap in savings, allowing you to gear up for more challenging rapids without breaking the bank.

Class V

Venture into the more advanced Class V by accumulating 950 credits, unlocking a thrilling $95 discount on the least expensive item in your cart. This tier is designed for enthusiasts seeking high-performance gear to tackle the most exhilarating rapids.

Ambassador Pro

The Aquafur family is a community of enthusiasts bonded by a shared love for cold-water recreation and top-notch gear. With a focus on affordability and customer satisfaction, our family values trust, responsibility, and a dedication to sharing experiences together. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer, join the Aquafur family for a straightforward and rewarding experience in the world of cold-water gear.

View our Terms and Conditions Below

Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions 

Aquafur Rewards Program Terms and Conditions: Effective January 1st, 2024

  1. Eligibility and Membership:

    • The Aquafur Rewards Program is open to registered members on our site. Participation begins on purchases made after January 1st, 2024. Membership is free, and users must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

  2. Program Adjustments:

    • Aquafur retains the exclusive right to adjust, modify, or terminate the Rewards Program at its discretion. Any changes made will be communicated through our official channels. Users are encouraged to review the terms regularly for updates.

  3. Credit Accumulation and Redemption:

    • Credits are earned solely on fully priced items. The tiered system allows users to accumulate Credits for discounts as described in the program details. Users may redeem credits only on qualified purchases as per the outlined discount structure.

  4. Credit Cap and Ambassador Status:

    • The maximum limit for credits is set at 1,200. Upon reaching this cap, members automatically become part of the Aquafur Ambassador Pro. This elite status is an acknowledgment of their loyalty and includes exclusive benefits within our brand.

  5. Program Integrity and Abuse:

    • Users are expected to use the program responsibly. Any abuse or fraudulent activity will result in the immediate termination of membership and forfeiture of accumulated credits. Aquafur reserves the right to pursue legal action against any form of program abuse.

  6. Contributions to Good Causes:

    • The Rewards Program is designed not only to benefit users but also to contribute to philanthropic endeavors. Aquafur is committed to supporting good causes, and your participation in the program directly contributes to these initiatives.

  7. Affordability Commitment:

    • Aquafur is dedicated to providing high-quality gear at an affordable price. The Rewards Program is a reflection of this commitment, allowing users to access premium gear while enjoying savings.

  8. Continuing Program Development:

    • The Rewards Program is a dynamic initiative that may undergo enhancements and expansions. Users with queries or seeking clarification are encouraged to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

By participating in the Aquafur Rewards Program, users acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Aquafur appreciates the trust placed in our program and remains devoted to delivering exceptional gear and value to our valued customers.

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