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Brock Olson

Brock has had an adventurous life ranging from kayaking to surfing to rafting, he tries to do it all. He started rafting when his dad introduced him at the age of 5 and started kayaking around the age of 9. His love for the river has grown tremendously since then. Brock has spent the last couple years pursuing his love of whitewater rafting privately and commercially. He shares his love of rivers with hundreds of people throughout the summers as he has commercially guided countless miles on the Colorado and Salmon rivers. He also loves exploring rivers privately with his close friends and family throughout the year regardless of the weather.

Some of Brock's countless river miles come from various sections throughout the West including the Salmon, Selway, Jarbidge/Bruneau, Colorado, and the Payette rivers. He has valued the importance of safety on the river his whole life. Aquafur was a chance to continue to do what he loves without worrying about the time of year, weather conditions, or performing in a high stress situation. 


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